Wednesday, August 06, 2008

time for links and nothing more

I'm really swamped these days, and only have time to post some links to things that caught me eye during the past week: seems like a really interesting social bookmarking tool for images. Perhaps they'll learn what delicious learned and give up the tortured . 's.

William Patry stopped blogging
. I'm not surprised if folks thought his personal blog was the word of Google. It's sad that he also decided to erase his archives, but I understand that he didn't want his past postings to live on and continue to be misunderstood.

It seems that Google is making some of its machine-translation technologies and translation management tools available to human translators, at least as a beta. I'm working with a project that requires translation into 7 languages. Managing this process is very challenging, and I've seen some very bad tools for the process.

Following the Digitization and the Humanities Symposium, Jennifer Schaffner and Merilee Profitt wrote a brief report, The Impact of Digitizing Special Collections on Teaching and Scholarship: Reflections on a Symposium about Digitization and the Humanities. The report acts as a summary of the symposium, and also gives some calls to action, especially about metrics for success.

Duke has launched its Open Library Environment Project with Mellon support. Its focus on back-end open tools is worhtwhile, but I'm not sure I know how this will be integrated with other activities in the community.

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