Friday, August 08, 2008

issues with blogger?

Has anyone else noticed any odd Blogger behavior? When I put up a new post I'm not seeing it on my blog site for a while, sometimes not until the next day. I first noticed it on July 29. The really odd bit it that I don't see what I just posted on my blog index page, but if I click on the current month in the archive I _do_ see it. I didn't worry about it too much until today a colleague in my department said that he noticed it, as well as for some other sites. The feeds are working fine, but the sites are not.

I thought I'd ask if anyone else has seen anything like this before we lay the blame on our IT environment.

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John Warren said...

I think blogger has been having some real problems lately. For several days (I believe a week or so ago) the photo upload was not working properly and required multiple attempts to upload photos.

Last week, a large number of blogs were accidentally - well on purpose but in error - deleted.

The last few days, many blogs - including my blog Adirondack Almanack - showed an error message to every visitor. It finally cleared up yesterday but cost me a lot of visitors.

Unfortunately, blogger still has no real back-up feature (although now they are promising it).

It's kind of annoying, but you can't contact anyone at blogger to even get immediate attention on a problem, let alone complain about their "service."