Thursday, January 01, 2009


I don't know if these are resolutions or goals ...

I have been getting back to writing in the past few weeks, but I will write more about what we're working on and getting the word out.

I will be a more hard-nosed project manager vis-a-vis deadlines. I am too often too understanding of delays.

I will explore Washington D.C. more. I lived in metro D.C. for part of my childhood and have been in Virginia for 7 years, but still have a disconnected sense of the city. Perhaps that's in part an artifact of traveling by Metro and not having a real sense of the city's topography.

I will meet more people in other divisions at LoC. This is harder than it sounds.

I will eat lunch at my desk less often. I will make more of an active effort to organize social opportunities. (Why don't I remember this every time I think about switching jobs -- it gets harder and harder to build a new social network every time.)

I have faith that our house in Charlottesville will finally sell.

EDIT: There is another long term goal that I'm already working on: I've signed up for a Japanese class through the Federal employee graduate school. This is the year to begin transforming my ragtag knowledge of Japanese into usable language skills.

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