Sunday, January 25, 2009

Library of Congress SourceForge release

Last month the Library of Congress had a soft launch of an open source software release. We officially announced the release in the January 2009 issue of the Library of Congress Digital Preservation
. This is the first software that the Library has formally released as open source.

The tools are available through SourceForge under the “Library of Congress Transfer Tools” project. The project includes tools for use with BagIt specification, a hierarchical file packaging format for the exchange of digital content jointly developed by the Library of Congress and the California Digital Library.

Three tools developed by the Library's Repository Development Group are available now. Parallel Retriever implements a simple Python-based wrapper around wget and rsync to optimize the transfer of content between locations through parallelization. It supports rsync, HTTP, and FTP transfers. Bag Validator is a Python script that validates a Bag, checking for missing files, extra files, and duplicate files. VerifyIt is a shell script that verifies file checksums within a Bag manifest using parallel processes.

The Library plans to release additional tools as part of a suite of solutions and software development resources as they are completed over time. There are already more tools in the pipeline.

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