Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The Library of Congress is hosting the SearchCampDC barcamp on Tuesday, December 2. From the wiki:

The goal of SearchCampDC is to bring together people working on and using search releated technologies in and around Washington DC. We all rely on tools like Google in our daily lives, but as IT professionals we often need to build or integrate search technologies into applications, and the enterprise.

Search technologies typically rely on a wide variety of techniques such as fulltext indexing, geocoding, named entity recognition, data mining, natural language parsing, machine learning, distributed processing. Perhaps you've used a piece of technology, and care share how well it worked? Or perhaps you help develop a search-related tool that you'd like to get feedback on? Or maybe you've got a search-itch to scratch, and want to learn more about how to scratch it? If so, please join us for SearchCampDC.

The idea for this event came about from a happy coincidence that several Lucene, Solr, OpenLayers and TileCache developers were going to be in the DC area at the same time. The idea is to provide them (and hopefully others like you) a space for short & sweet presentations about stuff they are working on, and also to provide a collaborative space for people to try things out, share challenges, ideas etc.

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