Friday, May 02, 2008

following up on Bridgeman

Peter Hirtle has an excellent post on the LibraryLaw Blog about a panel presentation at the New York Bar Association called "Who Owns This Image? Art, Access, and the Public Domain after Bridgeman v. Corel." I also highly recommend Rebecca Tushnet's post.

I have encountered many interpretations of Bridgeman over the years. I've heard it used to defend or attack copyright, performance, and use rights policies relating to images. I have been thinking a lot lately about the appropriateness of claiming copyright of images that are captured of book pages while we often take advantage of the lack of copyright-ability of images of 2-D works of art.

I was surprised to note in a comment on William Patry's blog post on the event that the Art Institute of Chicago has an exhibit on copyright in art publishing: "Copyright Law: Publishing Art and the Public Domain." I wish there were more details online about the content. Has anyone seen the exhibit?

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