Thursday, May 29, 2008

digital art and museums

WireTap Magazine has a great interview with Richard Rinehart from the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive that considers a number of topics, including why museums should care about and collect digital art, and why museums should make digital art available for remix. Richard has done some amazing work in promoting the curation and preservation of digital art, and makes amazing art himself. I've known Richard about 15 years.

I also want to make a plug for Berkeley Big Bang 08 (one of Richard's projects) on June 1-3, and for 01SJ on June 4-8 in San Jose (Steve Dietz, another museum colleague who is well-known for his ground-breaking commissioning and curation of digital art at the Walker Art Center, is the Artistic Director for the festival). Anyone in the Bay Area with any interest in digital art and new media should attend one of both of these events next week.

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