Wednesday, October 31, 2007

LibX and OpenURL Referrer browser extensions

We launched our UVA Library LibX plugin for Firefox in June 2007, and its gotten some rave reviews from staff. Now that UVA has approved the rollout of Vista and IE 7 on its computers, we're testing the beta IE version of LibX. I understand we've supplied some feedback on installation and running on Vista.

When I saw the recent announcement of the availability of OCLC's OpenURL Referrer for IE, I paused a bit when considering who to send the annoucement to. LibX is the tool we promote with our users, it recognizes DOIs, ISBNs, ISSNs, and PubMed IDs, and supports COinS and OCLC xISBN, and works with our resolver and our catalog Virgo. We have our resolver working with Google Scholar.

In the end, I didn't forward the annoucement because we're trying to promote the use of LibX and I didn't want to dilute that message for our staff and users. The OpenURL Referrer is a very cool tool and a great use of the OCLC Resolver Registry so users don't have to know anything except the name of their institution to set it up. I'm just not sure if we need both, at least not right now.

I need to ask if we know how much use our LibX toolbar is getting.

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