Friday, October 05, 2007

elastic lists

I've been exploring a demo of the visualization model called Elastic Lists. It comes from work done on "Information Aesthetics" published by Andrea Lau and Andrew Vande Moere (pdf) and is implemented using the Flamenco Browser developed at UC Berkeley. The facets have a visualization component comprising color (a brighter background connotes higher relevancy) and proportion (larger facets take up a larger relative proportion of space).

I find this to be a really compelling visualization, easier for the user to navigate than the perhaps too-complex Bungee View. I'd like to see this applied to more heterogeneous data, such as one might encounter in a large digital collection.

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Moritz Stefaner said...


thanks for linking! I would like to point out, however, that while I appreciate Lau's and Vandemoere's work a lot, they had nothing to do with it directly - also, the Flamenco browser only served as a reference point, but not a technical basis. I reused the data set of one of the Flamenco demos, in order to make the approaches directly comparable...