Friday, September 14, 2007


I don't think that there is much that I can add to this excellent review of oSkope at if:book. I spent some time at oSkope exploring their flickr search. The mouseover shows the title and date for the image, plus whose collection it came from. If you click on the image, a popup appears that includes the above plus the tags and a zoomable thumbnail. There's a slider at the right that changes the number of images that appear in the grid -- from 4 to 500. The grid, stack, pile, and list views are great --- but I'm not sure what the axes are for the graph view.

I like the drill-down navigation through the ebay categories. As noted in the if:book entry, it didn't seem to be working and kept returning no items.

The oSkope User Agreement (pdf) accompanies the language "Use of this website consitutes [sic] acceptance of the oSkope User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Please read these agreements carefully." At six pages it is thorough. There's also a four page privacy policy (pdf).

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