Saturday, September 15, 2007

career meme

Jerry blogged about the results he received from a test at Career Cruising. Since I was sitting at home on a Saturday afternoon, it seemed the thing to do. I dutifully answered the questions and the follow-up questions, and I just about fell off the sofa when I got the results:

1. Anthropologist
2. Video Game Developer
3. Multimedia Developer
4. Scientist
5. Picture Framer
6. Political Aide
7. Computer Animator
8. Interior Designer
9. Business Systems Analyst
10. Website Designer
11. Market Research Analyst
12. Librarian
13. Medical Illustrator
14. Artist
15. Real Estate Appraiser
16. Computer Programmer
17. Set Designer
18. Cartographer
19. Animator
20. Costume Designer
21. Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator
22. Illustrator
23. Mathematician
24. GIS Specialist
25. Epidemiologist
26. Dental Assistant
27. Statistician
28. Economist
29. Graphic Designer
30. Desktop Publisher
31. Historian
32. Archivist
33. Curator
34. Web Developer
35. Public Policy Analyst
36. Esthetician
37. Hairstylist
38. Technical Writer
39. Makeup Artist
40. Webmaster

I have no idea how their questions led their system to tell me that I should be an anthropologist. Apparently I did select the correct course of study in college and graduate school! Archivist, curator, web designer and developer, and tech writer are all familiar activities to me. I did my share of amateur theatrical work years ago. This was uncannily on target.

But where did dental assistant come from? Or esthetician? Picture framer? Political aide? I just cannot imagine any of those are for me.

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