Friday, September 01, 2006

Here I go ...

I am fascinated by digital libraries. How the content is selected, production and metadata standards, repository infrastructure, interfaces, and whether they are usable and useful. It's what I do every day.

I lead a digital life. Online banking, online shopping, digital cameras, LibraryThing, flickr, iPods, DVRs, etc. I never seem to get away from it.

I originally planned to call this blog "Digital Armadillo." I am fascinated by armadillos. The shape of their heads, their armor, their gait, and even the sight of dead ones on the side of the road, in the position that has come to be referred to as "casters up" in our household. I have acquired, though my own efforts and those of others, a selection of armadillo-themed objects. A coffee mug, magnets, postcards, a plush armadillo, a concrete garden ornament, and many pieces of Mexican folk art.

Somehow I will bring these topics and others together in a single stream-of-consciousness.

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