Thursday, September 21, 2006

Google Book Search

The Google Book Search now features "Find this book in a Library" links to WorldCat. It's not as prominent as the options to buy a book; it appears below the list of potential purchase locations. You do need to enter your ZIP code to see the list of locations, but that's normal as an individual user in Open WorldCat. It provided a nice box identifying my home library as UVA, and links to search for the book in my Resolver or catalog. It passed seamlessly through our Resolver which recognized the item as a book and passed the request along to our OPAC. The direct OPAC link worked fine as well. Google Scholar and Google have had this feature for a while -- it's nice to see it here.

I still wish I could figure out how to consistently determine the provenance of a digitized book in GBS, though. When the book has come from the publisher, the source is shown in the bottom left-hand corner. When a book has been digitized as part of the Google Library project, it says nothing.

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