Wednesday, December 17, 2008

ICDL adding European collections

From an article on, the International Children's Digital Library (ICDL) announced a partnership with the Taliaferro Family Fund to increase the number of European children's titles in the collection. The Elias Project will target three collections in Europe: the Norwegian Children's Book Institute in Oslo, Norway, the International Youth Library in Munich, Germany , and the National Center for Children's Books in Paris, France.

After reading the article, I check in at the ICDL site, which I hadn't visited in a few months, and noticed two other news announcements: ICDL and the Google Book project will be sharing public domain children's book titles; and ICDL has launched an iPhone app with full access to the collection, a new titles features, and an offline mode and an airplane mode. It's great to see such a worthwhile project making such advances in collection building and in adding new services.

(I didn't see a press release about the European project on the ICDL site. I saw the press release on some other sites, so I assume it's meant to be out there.)

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