Wednesday, October 22, 2008

tiny faces

This struck me as hilarious -- Someone noted that a box of Cascadian Farms frozen broccoli had teeny, tiny faces worked into the image on the label:

A comment in another blog said this (unsubstantiated):

"They've been putting tiny faces of employees, family and friends on the labels since at least 1995, which was when someone first showed me this on the labels of Cascadian Farms jams when I was first working at Fresh Fields (later bought by Whole Foods). CF has since been bought by General Mills, but it seems the tiny faces continue."

A bulletin board thread from 2007 claimed that the creamed corn packaging had a little hidden baby's face. Strange. That thread described it as a version of an "easter egg" in a video game or DVD ... an undocumented feature that you have to really try to find. That's pretty apt.

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