Tuesday, September 09, 2008

LoC Repository Development Group hiring

Our group has a position open. Visit the LoC jobs page and search for posting "080214". The posting does not mention our unit specifically, so this is a head's up that the job is with us. We're still a relatively new group, working on a variety of projects with many units across the Library and developing our group's role in the institution.

The application period closes on October 3, and that is an absolute deadline. You must apply using an online federal job application system -- it's a lengthy form that requires some time to fill out. Be prepared with electronic copies of your documents to cut-and paste.

EDIT (9/24/2008): This position reports to the Director of the Repository Development Group. Everyone in the team -- including me -- reports to the Director. There is no additional management structure.


Anonymous said...

Why aren't you honest about the fact that this job reports to you?

Unfortunately, that's the least appealing fact about it.

Leslie Johnston said...

To make sure this is clear, the position does NOT report to me. Everyone in our group reports to our Director -- there is no additional management structure.