Tuesday, April 08, 2008

where did all the stuff in my office come from?

Having been happily ensconced in a series of offices during my 6 years at UVA, I seem to have accumulated way more stuff than I imagined. Even after recycling many years of personal journal subscriptions that the Library didn't need or want, the contents of pretty much every file folder in my file drawers that wasn't important enough to give to someone else, folders and binders full of conference programs and attendee lists, and returning all the books I had checked out except for the one I am reading right now, I still have 4 boxes of stuff. Some books of my own, conference proceedings that I want to keep for now, files for some committees and publications, old backup CDs that I keep out of paranoia, personal desk organizers that work well for me, and way too many gewgaws that I seem to have accumulated. And some framed posters, not all of which are hung on the wall of my current office, but have been in past offices so I've moved them around with me.

Hi, my name is Leslie, and I am a packrat. I thought I was a recovering packrat, but apparently I've been deluding myself.

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