Monday, January 28, 2008

NIH mandate questions

T. Scott Plutchak has a great post on questions that should be addressed at the January ARL meeting on the NIH public access policy. I understand that this is an invitation-only meeting, but I wish I could find some details about this meeting, whoi's going to attend, and what is going to be discussed. If it's on the ARL web site I can't find it. If someone can point me toward more info, I'd appreciate it. Since we don't yet have an IR in place, we have questions about compliance.

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T Scott said...

I don't have a great deal of additional info, but since the meeting was today, news should start trickling out over the next couple of weeks. The invitation that I saw (which did not come directly to me -- a colleague on one of the AAHSL committees that I'm on was invited, and she sent it to the rest of us as an FYI) indicated that the ARL leadership wanted to pull together some librarians (from some of the big research institutions), some of the NIH people involved with the policy, and reps from a couple of the associations of research university leaders. I believe it is going to be a very small group (around 20?) but it looks like they've done a very good job of getting representation from the appropriate stakeholders, so I expect good things to come from it.