Friday, December 14, 2007

now it's a trend

I shouldn't port my data without someone to watch over my shoulder. Today, supposed power-user that I am, I decided to port my own data in our conversion to Microsoft Outlook and Exchange.

I went to the web page that I was pointed to by many helpful email messages. I backed up my calendar and created the right format file for importing. I didn't need to convert an IMAP mailbox because I had been using POP and would retain my old local Eudora archive. I determined that I had an active account by logging into the web version. But somehow, while setting up the desktop Outllook client I messed up not only my authentication method (it kept asking me for my certificate and wouldn't authenticate using it), but in trying to fix it I set up an offline email box that became my default.

I feel for the poor IT guy (thanks, Rob!) who got called in to help me after I commented to my colleague across the hall that I had messed things up. We had to delete my certificate to get my authentication to reset to asking for a password. Then we were able to get into the application and declare my server email box as my default, not the offline "personal" email box.

We kept trying to check my email, but then I was told that I'd missed a step -- I needed to register Exchange as my new default email server. I think I can blame the documentation -- That was NOT listed as a step on the page "Getting Started with Exchange," I swear. I had four tech support guys in my office (I was the object of much good-tempered group teasing for messing up), and the only reason that one of them could tell me the URL I needed to go to so I could change my default email is that he had printed the page. None of them could find a link to that page anywhere on the site.

I set up Exchange as my default, imported my "old" calendar (through January 14 when we change), and even got my Eudora address book imported with only a little weirdness. I still have no clue how to set up thematic email folders and filters like I had in Eudora. I guess I have to give in to the teasing and sit through some training, or at least read the help docs ...

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