Tuesday, July 03, 2007

honors from Computerworld

I am thrilled to see that the Getty Trust has won a 2007 Achievement Award in Media, Arts, and Entertainment from Computerworld for the Getty Vocabularies. I'm really struck that the nominating company was Unisys. Quoting:

In addition to being essential resources for the documentation of art, architecture, and material culture, the Getty vocabularies are also invaluable lookup tools and knowledge bases, and powerful searching assistants that increase both precision and recall in online queries.
I worked at the Getty Research Institute when the vocabularies were first being built and released -- we were cataloging and creating controlled vocabulary from our own experiences that we submitted to the project. When I worked at the Historic New Orleans Collection, we submitted a a lengthy list of Mardi Gras related terms and documentation. Every organization that I have worked at for the past 20 years uses the vocabularies. Talk about impact! The award is well-deserved.

Also on the awardee's list is Laura Campbell, Associate Librarian for Strategic Initiatives at the Library of Congress. Quoting:
... the EMC Information Leadership Award recognizes individuals whose personal leadership has made a critical contribution to the effective use of information technology throughout the world.
She had key roles in developing their digitizing initiatives and "American Memory" and NDIIPP. Another well-deserved award.


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